Wet Cleaning Info


How is wet cleaning safer for the environment? 
Wet cleaning uses water and biodegradable detergents and thus prevents the use of perc (Perchloroethylene), which is a very dangerous solvent when exposed to employees, customers and  the atmosphere.
Can the discharge from wet cleaning go in the sewage and septic system?

Most states allow the discharge to go in the drain. Few states also allow the discharge to go in the septic tanks; MA does not allow the discharge to septic tanks. http://www.cnt.org/ 

What is the difference between wet cleaning and dry cleaning?
The difference between wet cleaning and dry cleaning is that dry cleaners use a solvent, while wet cleaners use a non- hazardous detergent and water. http://www.clu-in.org/download/dryclean/wet8-97.pdf 

Why should dry cleaners switch to professional wet cleaning?
One should switch to wet cleaning because it is safer and more eco- friendly for the environment.  As per EPA’s air toxic air standard requirements by 2020 in residential buildings will be prohibited from using perc.