Wet Cleaning Info


What is wet cleaning?Wet cleaning uses water and bio - degradable detergents to wash all fabric types safely.  In addition to detergents some softeners are added to the cleaning for some fabrics. It uses sophisticated computer controlled equipment, which can be programmed for different fabric. The dryer in the wet cleaning does not dry out the clothes completely, so that special pressing equipments can be used to stretch out the fabric.

What is dry cleaning? Commercial cleaners use dry cleaning
a process of cleaning clothes with a chemical solvent called perc (Perchloroetylene).http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dry_cleaning

Can wet cleaning effluence be discharged in septic/ sewage systems? 
All states allow the discharge to go in the sewage, while few states/ towns also allow the discharge to go in the septic tanks.

Why should dry cleaners switch to wet cleaning?You should switch to wet cleaning because it is much safer and eco- friendly for the environment compared to dry-cleaning.  Also, there is a law that all perc is to be eliminated in residential buildings by 2020. 

How can I switch? Who can I contact to switch?
If you are interested in switching to wet cleaning, contact TURI (Toxic Use Reduction Institute). http://www.turi.org/

How much does it cost? What is the up front capital investment? It is around 35,000- 47,000 to switch to wet cleaning..  If you have newer machines the cost will be much less; and you will only need to change the solvent. How can I find a non perc drycleaner in my neighborhood?
You can go to - http://nodryclean.com/ to find a eco-friendly dry cleaner in your neighborhood.